Money back from the TTB?  Yes you read that correctly, I’ve already seen it several times myself in the last few weeks. These monies are refund payments for TTB wine bonds for those wineries who originally set them up under the cash payment type. For all US wineries and wine cellars when your TTB application was originally filed you were required to submit a wine bond as part of it. You had the option to submit that wine bond as a cash payment for the full bond amount. Now with the change to the wine bond requirements most US wineries will no longer need to keep the wine bond portion of their TTB application. Have you already followed the steps to cancel your TTB wine bond? (See my previous blog post that covers this)

So if you haven’t completed the first step of submitting an application to the TTB to request to cancel your wine bond you may want to take a look at the demo videos I’ve created which show you the steps to do so. I’ve created two videos, one for all of you in the “paper” filing world and a second one for those who submitted their TTB application using Permits Online. After you’ve submitted your application via either form you can expect a response back quite quickly (as quick as a few days to a couple of weeks) *NOTE: Your TTB reports (5120.17 and excise tax) need to be up to current in order for the TTB to approve your bond cancellation request- so confirm this first) The TTB will deny your wine bond cancellation if your reports are not current.

After you submit your cancellation request application and it is approved the TTB will then send you a notice confirming this. Then for all of you who submitted your wine bond via a cash payment in a separate mailing they will send you the actual check payment for the full amount you originally submitted. You can expect this a few weeks after receiving your bond cancellation notice.

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