What a pleasant winery compliance surprise! A TTB application that moves quickly through to approval! (You learn to be grateful for simple things in my line of work) These applications being in reference to the now in effect non requirement for a TTB wine bond for permit holders that owe less than $50K per year in TTB excise taxes. If you are unfamiliar with this update you can read my earlier blog posts about this TTB update here. Since the last week of January my office has now submitted requests to cancel the wine bond for several California TTB winery permit holders. These amended applications as the TTB refers to them have been submitted for some clients who are still in the “paper filing” world via mail to the TTB offices in Cincinnati and others have been filed electronically via the TTB Permits Online platform. I am also glad to share that these application filings, in both the paper and electronic versions are quite simple, so minimal effort is required. (provided you know a basic amount about what you’re doing when it comes to TTB filings!) Along those lines I have created two videos, each is a demo designed to show you what the steps are to file this wine bond cancellation request for your TTB permit. This of course will apply to your winery whether you’re located in California or any of the other US states by the way. It will also apply to you whether your site holds a TTB basic permit as a winery, or a wine cellar. (either BWN or BWC on your TTB basic permit in the registry number box) Here are the two videos. Video number 1 is for any of you who need to submit your applications the old school way, which means paper forms submitted via regular mail. This would be applicable to your site if your TTB permit application was originally filed  before 2011. The second demo video for filers using the TTB Permits Online system. This would likely apply to your winery if your original TTB application was submitted after 2011. You’d have to confirm this with whoever filed the application. Links to videos:    Demo video # 1: Paper filers                Demo video # 2: Permits Online filers  

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