Tis the season! The grape harvest season is underway in parts of California, the west coast and other grape growing areas of the US. In the “compliance spirit” of the season I’ve once again been focusing my posts around harvest compliance topics, most recently I’m talking about the most common compliance document specific to the grape harvest, the weigh tag. (or its official name here in CA, the weighmaster certificate)

California wineries- my next harvest compliance FAQ video asks (& answers!) the question, “can you accept an outside weigh tag?”  What I am referring to in using the term, “outside” is in reference to a very common scenario for wineries. This occurs when a delivery of grapes arrives at a winery site and the driver delivers along with those grapes a completed weighmaster certificate. 

Can your winery accept that completed weighmaster certificate? (or do you need to re-weigh those grapes and document on your own weighmaster certificate?)

My latest video answers that question.

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