As a winery compliance consultant my work can have regular challenges and frustrating experiences. So when some good news shows up unexpectedly I appreciate it thoroughly!

The good news that showed up today came through the weekly email I receive from the TTB. (their weekly email newsletter- you can sign up at the TTB’s website) In it the headline read “Permits Online improvement are coming soon!”.  Permits Online is the platform that was first available in 2011. Any business that is applying for a new TTB permit can use it to file their original application (& any required amendments) I have used this platform regularly since it was first created in 2011 to submit who knows how many applications for winery clients.

So what is the good news “improvement” the TTB is sharing? This online platform is now going to be opened up to all pre 2011 TTB permit holders!  If your winery has been around for 10 years or more (or even at least about 8) then this is GOOD NEWS for you!

Take a look at my video with more info on how to set up access to your TTB permit file

Video: TTB Permits Online to open to pre 2011 permit holders

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