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What’s All The Fuss Over Wine Alcohols?

Are wineries misleading their customers with the alcohols on their wine labels? Do you as a wine consumer base some of your purchases on what the displayed alcohol content is on the label? I have been

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Are There Weeds Growing in Your Compliance System?

Winery compliance systems are very dynamic in their nature. Often the trouble is they are not looked at in this way by those responsible for maintaining them. What is the end result of this? Compliance

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First Hand Feedback on the TTB’s Online Permits System

When I first saw the TTB’s (That is the Alcohol & Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) announcement a few months ago on their website stating their plans to launch an online version of submitting permit

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Is Compliance the Perfect Fit for You?

Ever heard someone use the expression, “well, it’s not for everbody” when describing a certain activity? It is based on the concept that each of us through our personal traits and talents

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Hold Up! Are You Sure a New Label Approval is Necessary?

Each year the TTB (Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau, the federal agency which regulates the alcoholic beverage industry) receives more and more applications for label approvals on alcoholic

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Texas Wine Region Declared “Hidden Gem”.

Texas has been an up and coming wine producing state for many years. Currently it ranks in 6th place for total number of wineries compared to all US states. One of its wine producing areas, the Texas Hill

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Celebrities Getting in on The Wine Game.

I wrote a recent post on a long time music celebrity, Boz Scaggs who now has his own wine brand. In the article I explained how I was curious to find out if Mr. Scaggs had his own winery or was in the

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The West Coast Is Not Setting the Trend for This Seasons Grape Harvest

The grape harvest for wineries in California, Oregon and Washington can start as early as July in the case of grapes used for sparkling wines and grapes for still wines generally follow along after that

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