Who Has The Power at Your Winery?

Who runs the show at your winery when it comes to TTB compliance? Contrary to what or who may have come to mind after reading the title here the direction I'm heading with this post is geared towards your winemaking records and reporting activities. Particularly those which are regulated by the TTB, which happens to be most of them. My next question is do you know who has power of attorney filed with the TTB for your site? If you don't know here is why you not only need to and why it makes good compliance sense to know. Continue reading


Multiple Options For Using Multiples on Wine Labels

At current count there are well over 6,000 wineries in the US and those numbers only continue to go up. Keep in mind that number is just the count of wineries, not the actual count of all of the wines that they each make. And they generall will each make several different wines. This means for the lucky consumers that they have no shortage of choices when it comes to wines. This explains why you may have seen someone standing in the wine aisle and staring at the long row of bottles before them with a glazed expression on their face. How do they make a choice with so many options?  Wineries themselves have a range of choices when it comes to designing the labels for those bottles.   This includes the option of multiples displayed on the front label of their wines. Multiples in three different areas; varietals, appellations or vineyard sites. Continue reading


Deciding on a Label Alcohol for Your Wine.

Wine labels are required to have a specific set of items. One of those is an alcohol content. This must appear on the front (or brand) label. When it comes time to design all of the details that go into a wine's label there are two areas which wineries focus on in making their decision for what alcohol content to use. The first is around marketing considerations and the second is taking into account the federal regulations guiding their percentage options.

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