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Tanks a lot……
Posted on 2010-07-19 by Ann Reynolds

The use of stainless steel tanks in the winemaking process first began in the 1950’s and besides the ever popular use of wood in the form of wine barrels is still the most common storage vessel seen at a winery. They have many advantages over other types of containers, leakage for one and temperature control for another. Temperature control is of high importance to winemakers both during the fermentation process and throughout the rest of a wine’s life.

But what about the role of a tank (stainless steel or otherwise) in the compliance area of winemaking? Wineries are required

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No, it’s not that kind of cola…….
Posted on 2010-06-18 by Ann Reynolds

You may have heard of the term “cola” used frequently in the wine industry around wine labels. Perhaps you thought, what does soda have anything to do with wine? Do soda drinkers also tend to be wine enthusiasts? Is is a descriptor term in some way? None of these are the case. The acronym COLA stands for certificate of label approval. All wines, (actually all alcoholic beverages to be sold in the US) are required to have one of these. These approvals are given by the same federal agency that regulates the wine industry, the Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau. (they of course get an acronym too, thank goodness, as the TTB for short.) Continue reading