What’s in a brand name?

There are a total of 9 items required by the TTB (Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau) to appear on all wine labels to be sold for consumption in the U.S. The first item I’ll start with here is the brand name. This is also a common guide used by consumers when they are […]

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Wine Label 101

Brand name, vintage, varietal, AVA……………what do all these terms mean and what is their significance on a wine label? Over the course of my next several bloggings I will be going into detail on each of these items and more one by one giving an insider’s perspective on what the actual regulations are that

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All things compliance- in the world of wine

Hello to all with an interest in the wacky world of wine compliance! What is wine compliance you may ask? I know as a person who does this type of work I am asked that more often than not when the subject comes up. Wine compliance is everything from all of the required records and […]

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