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Filing requirements for the TTB 5120.17 report for all US wineries

Running a winery is a a lot of work. Growing, making, storing, bottling and last but by no means least selling the product. It’s no wonder that keeping up with their TTB compliance is often little understood. US wineries are required to file certain reports to the TTB, and one of those reports, the 5120.17 […]

Pre 2011 wineries- here’s how to access your TTB permit file online

Was your winery established before 2011? That will then mean that your application for your TTB permit was filed the “old school” route, which meant on paper, in duplicate and via snail mail to the TTB offices in Cincinnati.Good news for all of you today! One of the new features on their just released version […]

The downs and ups of TTB Permits Online

The TTB’s platform, Permits Online is about to come out with an updated version. This platform was first launched in 2011 and is used (in the wine world) by any business that is filing an application to start a new wine business or to file amendments beyond that.My office uses it on  a close to […]

When bulk wine hurts or helps your winery’s TTB excise taxes

Here we are already half way through 2018- which I recently described as a very unique year for TTB compliance. The other terms I’d considered before settling on unique were confusing and frustrating. This confusion, frustration and overall uniqueness are all as a result of the tax laws which went into effect on January 1st […]

TTB alternate procedure- Extended through Dec 2019- good news (sort of)

Nothing makes me happier in the work that I do than being able to share good news with US wineries. The TTB released an updated version of one of their industry circulars yesterday which will mean good news, of sorts for US wineries. This good news is specific to an unintended bad news result that […]

Purchase bulk wine & bottle it? Sorry- no TTB excise tax credits allowed!

It is already May and looking back over all the posts I’ve shared this year it isn’t too surprising they are all focused on the changes impacting US wineries specific to their TTB reporting and excise taxes. Because these TTB changes are rather involved I’m finding more topics continue to come to mind to create […]

Wineries- Are you submitting the wrong TTB report?

Many US wineries have gotten a bit of a scare in the mail lately. The scare is not a real one however, but rather a notice sent to them addressed from the “Department of the Treasury” which has a general tendency to get the heart rate going. These letter notices are informing  wineries that they’ve […]

TTB Alternate procedure for US wineries & their warehouses

Wine warehouse storage facilities in the US are jumping for joy these days. Why? They no longer (since Jan 1 2018) have to fiddle around with deducting credits off their winery clients TTB excise tax payments. Why? Plain & simple, they cannot. This change is just one of the  results of the new tax law […]

What all US wineries need to understand about “produced” and their excise taxes

Since early this year all my posts, videos and trainings have focused on the range of changes affecting US wineries specific to their TTB compliance. These changes resulting from the tax law which went into effect January 1st. One of those key areas for winery management and staff to fully understand is the connection between […]

TTB Excise tax updates US wineries need to know NOW

If you are a regular reader of my blogs and/or viewer of videos on my Youtube channel you’ve seen the info I’ve been sharing about all the changes impacting US wineries specific to their TTB compliance which went into effect on January 1st of 2018. There was one area that had not been made entirely […]

Info on the new & improved TTB 5120.17 report

As promised the TTB released their updated version of the 5120.17 report earlier this week. (702 report- for all who still like to call it that) For any wineries that are required to file this report on a monthly basis it comes just in time as January’s report is due today. (15th) This new & […]

Winery Compliance Class in Napa: Wed March 14th 9 am til noon

North bay winery owners & staff – The new tax law went into effect on January 1st. Do you know what all the TTB changes are or are you confused about how they directly affect your TTB records & reports?  Good news – I’m offering a live training specific to these TTB winery compliance updates […]

What can & can’t be done right now while the TTB is shut down.

The TTB is shutdown. Those were the words those of us in the compliance world of wine woke up to this morning. It always sounds so surreal to me. So what exactly does it mean for US wineries & wine cellars? Here’s a brief summation of what “can” and what “can’t” currently be done right […]

New year – new changes to make to your TTB compliance

As of January 1, 2018 the changes put into place by the tax bill passed in December by congress are in effect according to the TTB’s website. So far the TTB has put together some initial information on what the changes will mean for US wineries specific to their record keeping and TTB reporting. (5120.17 […]